Shipped in 48 Hours

Shipped in 48 hours


Shipped in 48 hours
for Traditional, Traditional Plus
and Competitor Metal Lockers


6 Popular Colors No Added Cost
Knock Down — Ship in 48 Hours
Assembled — Ship in 5 Working Days (Contact us for assembly costs)

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Know Down Lockers — Shipped in 48 Hours, Assembled Lockers — Ship in 5 Working Days

Doors and exposed body parts on Traditional and Traditional Plus Metal Lockers shall be selected from ASI Storage Solutions’ standard designer color range. Non-exposed body parts, e.g., shelves, shall be finished in Almond #03. Competitor Collection Lockers shall have the same selected color throughout.

  • All QSP orders must be clearly marked Quick Ship or QSP, otherwise normal production queue will dictate ship date.
  • The standard lead time for knock down QSP lockers is 2 days after receipt of order.
  • Assembled lockers of 50 frames or less require 5 working days. Add 1 working day for removal of legs.
  • Changes and cancellations are not available after placement of a QSP order.
  • Shop drawings will not be provided for QSP orders.
  • Maximum standard QSP order size is 50 frames. Orders larger than 100 frames will be processed as production orders. Please contact your Locker Champion for inventory availability beyond standard limits.
  • ASI Storage Solutions reserves the right to assign warehouse FOB point based on inventory availability.

ASI Storage Solutions reserves the right to make design changes or to withdraw any design without notice.