Hoods, Bases & Trims

Slope Hood

18 gauge continuous Slope Hoods add a finishing touch to lockers installed along walls and on island groups. The slope rise is equivalent to one-third the depth of the locker. Custom applications include sloping hood splices, valley corners and hip ends... all with concealed fasteners.


Vertical Fillers enhance the appearance of an installation by covering any objects between lockers, and/or filling the gap between lockers and the wall. Fillers are available in two widths, designed for use together with Wall Angle Slip Joints for a tight fit and smooth finish.


18 gauge Recess Trim, with a 3" face and a 3/8" top return, provides a neat, framed appearance for recessed lockers. Integral corner caps and hairline joints are reinforced with welded-on splice fingers for this application.

Individual Slope  
Top/Row End

Individual Slope Tops are available to help eliminate clutter and add a clean, finished look to the lockers.16 gauge exposed row ends add to finished look.


14 gauge Zee Bases provide an overhang with toe space, raising lockers 4" off the floor. This economical and practical accessory also enhances appearance.

Front Base/ 
Closed End Base

These 18 gauge bases add a finished look by fitting flush, between locker legs; ie. Front Bases fit between front legs, and End Bases between front and rear legs of lockers at the end of a row.

ASI Storage Solutions reserves the right to make design changes or to withdraw any design without notice.